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The Luxury Health Initiative

Creating stress-free weddings & events while maintaining an energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable facility.

Relaxation Salt Room

Salt therapy is an ancient natural healing practice drawing from the health benefits of pink Himalayan salt that will put your mind at ease.

Pink Himalayan salt rooms have been known to:

  • Improve respiratory discomfort 
  • Reduce allergy symptoms
  • Reduce signs of aging 
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Increase libido

Add Aromatherapy to Your Wedding Day

Said to improve psychological and physical well-being, DoTERRA essential oils will be available for use in all of our Bridal Suites and Groom’s Lounges.

Kruse Plaza Goes Green

We recognize the importance of environmentally-friendly practices for the overall health of the world, and how that impacts the health of the people on it. Our Luxury Health Initiative includes solar power, recycling options, healthy cleaning practices, and more — all right here at our facility!

Solar Panels

We flipped the switch and went green with a solar system from Renewable Energy Services. The solar panels housed at Kruse Plaza will provide sustainable energy to our 200,000 sq. ft. facility and all of our tenant companies and organizations. The best part? On extra-sunny days, excess solar energy from Kruse Plaza will be used to power parts of the Auburn community!

Norwex Towels

Made of eco-friendly multipurpose cloth, these towels can be used wet or dry to effectively clean everything and everywhere using only water. Reusable towels will be available in bathrooms for those who want to help us reduce paper waste!


Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

At our facility, we reduce negative effects on the environment where we can by using cleaning supplies that…

  • Use limited toxic chemicals
  • Are made from plants and other biodegradable ingredients
  • Have refillable & recyclable packaging
  • Are vegan and/or cruelty-free
  • Reduce waste by limiting single-use plastics