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Here at Kruse Plaza, we love creating magical moments no matter the season! If you’re considering getting married during the off-season (typically November through May), we have found that there are four main advantages.

L. Ballenger Photography


One of the advantages of getting married in the off-season is that there is a price break for most venues and even vendors. Due to more availability in the off-season, many venues have found it beneficial to lower their rates to increase traction during the off-season. Some vendors also do the same. 

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More Availability

There is also going to be more availability for both venues and vendors during the off-season. You may have a better chance of hiring a vendor for your date in the off-season due to lower demand. During the busy season, couples often have to plan their date around the availability of the venue. If you have your wedding during the off-season, you are likely to get your ideal date. The same goes for vendors as well. 

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Increased Guest Attendance

During the off-season, more guests may be able to attend due to the limited amount of events going on in the wintertime. Guests also may be able to find more affordable travel options and less expensive accommodations.

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Stunning, Unique Photo & Decor Options!

The off-season can offer a beautiful backdrop for photos. In the wintertime, the snow and festive, classy decor can add a magical feel to your wedding!